AC2012 Call for Sessions

The RGS has now published its call for sessions for the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2012 which takes place at the University of Edinburgh from Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 July 2012. The chair of conference is Professor Chris Philo (University of Glasgow). The conference theme is ‘Security of Geography/Geography of Security’.


General Information

Space constraints mean the RGS/IBG annual conference in Edinburgh will be smaller than in past years. The RGS organisers have therefore decided to place the following temporary constraints on the 2012 conference:

  • an individual may not normally make more than two substantive contributions to the conference programme (this includes paper presentation, panel member, discussant);
  • a session may not normally occupy more than two timeslots in the conference programme;
  • a Research Group may only sponsor sessions up to a total of 12 timeslots across the conference programme, including sole and joint sponsored sessions;
  • Skype or other distance presentations cannot be supported at AC2012

For more details see


SCGRG sponsorship

The SCGRG is looking to sponsor 12 high quality and innovative sessions across the range of work in social and cultural geography. Sponsorship can help brand your session in the conference programme, allow us to promote the session through our communication networks, and enable you to apply for one of our 6 Research Group guest passes.

We would like to suggest the smaller number of SCGRG sessions at the conference will be a positive opportunity to build discussions within and across this community of researchers.  There will be no social and cultural geography sponsored slots scheduled against each other.  We are thus asking session proposals to consider intellectual themes, innovative formats and substantive topics that will be of maximum interest across the SCGRG membership.  We are looking to sponsor a number of sessions that speak directly to the conference theme.  We are also interested in other high quality contributions to contemporary research in social and cultural geography.  We would encourage all members to explore innovative ways of making use of the space and time available in sessions.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for sponsorship from the SCGRG, please use this form to send us the details of your session.  The deadline for submissions is 21.11.11. committee will review the applications as promptly as possible after this date.

The SCGRG is a large group and each year we receive more proposals than we can support.  Given the additional pressures this year, we’d encourage you to explore the full range of research groups which are accepting proposals, and also remind you there is a process of submitting sessions outside of research group sponsorship.

We look forward to your ideas for sessions and we’ll be posting more SCGRG plans for pre-conference activities here soon.

Gail Davies and Russell Hitchings