The SCGRG’s Annual General Meeting is held during the RGS/IBG Conference each year. All members are invited to attend this meeting and contribute items for discussions.  Representatives from the SCGRG also attend the RGS Research Group Sub-Committee meeting three times a year.  If you have an item you would like us to raise at these meetings, please get in touch with the chair or secretary.

The current committee is:

Committee members 2019-2020
NameEmailCommittee positionTerm dates
Tara Chair2019-2022
Richard Secretary2018-2021
Mel Treasurer2018-2021
James Secretary2018-2021
Sofie Officer2017-2020
Will Conference Officer2019-2022
Education OfficerTreasurer 2015-2018
Ordinary Committee Member 2018-2019
Sophie Career and Mentoring Officer2017-2020
Jen Media2018-2021
Will Postgraduate Representative2019-2020
Milena Morozovams.morozova@gmail.comPostgraduate Representative2019-2020
Suzanne Committee Member2015-2018; 2018-2021
Maddy Committee Member2018-2021
Suzanne Committee Member2017-2020
Ben Committee Member2019-2022

Ordinary Committee Member2018-2021
Sinéad O' Ordinary Committee Member
Jamie Halliwellj.halliwell.mmu@gmail.comWebsite Officer2016-2018; 2018-2021