We invite applications to the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group workshop funding scheme. The scheme is designed to support and promote research in social and cultural geography by providing financial resource for an event (or set of events) of wide and lasting significance to work within the subdiscipline (and, if relevant, linked areas in and outside of geography). The focus is entirely at the discretion of organisers, and may be methodological, theoretical, substantive, or work across these categories. What we are looking for is an event or set of events which is not only of wide significance, but has the potential to generate enthusiasm, interest, and engagement amongst the community. The event(s) may be in-person, hybrid, or online, and they may be one off or a sequence of activities.

Funding: Maximum of £1500

Timing: Event or events to be held in 2022.

Application Deadline: 21th January 2022

Decisions: Mid February 2022

To note:

1. Decisions will be made by a gender balanced sub-committee of the SCGRG comprising of Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and three other members.

2. Decisions will be made against the criteria of the significance of the event: does the event relate to an important methodological, substantive and/or theoretical issue (or issues), and does it hold the potential to positively affect how that issue is engaged with?

3. If we receive multiple strong applications, we may offer multiple awards at a lower value.

4. Funding by the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group should be acknowledged in all publicity for the event and any after event outputs.

5. Some of the requested funding should be used to support ECRs without access to workshop related funding through either their institution or a postdoctoral fellowship. Unwaged ECRS should be prioritised.  

6. Funding cannot be used for honorariums for keynote speakers, unless the speaker is or is soon to be unwaged at the time of the event(s).

7.  A short report of maximum 500 words (with supplementary material such as photos) should be prepared one month after the event, for publication on the Social and Cultural geography Research Group website.


Please provide the below information in a single word document under the following headings to Prof. Ben Anderson ben.anderson@durham.ac.uk by the end of January 21st 2022.

  • Name of Event
  • Name of organisers
  • Rationale for the event(s) (why is it of significance?) (up to 150 words)
  • Anticipated outcomes of the event(s) (up to 100 words)
  • Support for ECR participation (up to 100 words)
  • Form of the event(s) e.g. in-person, hybrid, online (up to 50 words)
  • Indicative budget (with requested budget and minimum budget)
  • Co-Funding (up to 100 words)