RGS-IBG Pre-conference AC2018: Austerity politics and the changing landscapes of equality

Tuesday 28th August 2018
12.00 -17.15
Cardiff University

Austerity has been widely discussed as a key factor in Britain’s vote to leave the EU (Dorling, 2016). The ‘austerity agenda’ has exacerbated existing inequalities of housing, health, education and welfare and produced new sites of precarity and vulnerability. Research on austerity in the Global North has drawn attention to its disproportionate effects for a range of groups, such as people of colour, women and young people (Bassel and Emujulu, 2017; Horton, 2016; Hall, 2017). This pre-conference workshop, organised jointly by the RGS-IBG Population Geography and Social and Cultural Geography Research Groups, introduces geographical perspectives on austerity and inequality in the context of a changing global political landscape.

Are inequalities deepening or widening in the context of austerity politics?
How are these patterned and experienced geographically and across the lifecourse?
What are the challenges for devolved and regional landscapes of austerity?
In what ways do people live with or challenge austerity in their everyday lives?

This event brings together academic, activist and policy participants to discuss these questions and the trends, experiences and challenges of austerity and inequality in a changing political landscape.

Confirmed speakers include:
Alison Stenning (University of Newcastle)
Sarah Marie Hall (University of Manchester)
Rory Coulter, (UCL), Sait Bayrakdar (Kings College London) and Ann Berrington (University of Southampton)
Jon May (QMUL), Paul Cloke (University of Exeter), Andrew Williams (Cardiff University) and Liev Cherry (QMUL)
Rosie Walker (University of Brighton), author of ‘The Rent Trap’

Event Details:

Lunch from 12 noon, 12.45-17.15: talks and discussion
(immediately before the opening plenary of the RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2018)

Registration fees (including lunch): Waged: £30; unwaged and students: £10.

Places can booked as part of your registration for the annual conference here.
To add this workshop to an existing booking, or to attend the workshop without registering for the main conference, please contact the conference organisers at AC2018@rgs.org.

For any other questions, please contact the organising committee: Kate Botterill (k.botterill@napier.ac.uk), Sophie Cranston (S.Cranston@lboro.ac.uk), Leila Dawney (L.Dawney@brighton.ac.uk) and Rhys Daffyd Jones (rhj@aber.ac.uk)