The SCGRG Researcher Showcase part 1: Milena Morozova

Welcome to our inaugural SCGRG Researcher Showcase! Through this platform, we aim to promote emerging and established researchers who are working in areas related in some way to the themes of our research group, Social and Cultural Geography (SCGRG).

We also thought given the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, this would be a good opportunity to continue to engage with our membership as we are increasingly working from home and dependent on internet-enabled technologies to keep us connected.

We hope you are keeping well, staying healthy and staying safe during this time.

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Our first #SCGRGShowcase comes from our very own Postgraduate Representative Milena Morozova, a literary geography, PhD Student and lecturer at Moscow State University. You can find out more about her below.

Milena Morozova, PhD student and lecturer at Moscow State University

Milena Morozova

My current research projects are mostly connected to literary geography. My PhD dissertation is dedicated to the research and development of theoretical and applied aspects of studying literary regions. First, I analyse the theory and methodology of literary geography in Russia and abroad. Then I give a comparative analysis of six literary regions of the Russia, studying their literary places, routes, landscapes and images. But the articles linked to the dissertation approach other themes as well:

  • The features of literary maps of America of the XX century;
  • The process of literary region formation and development (field research in the central part of Russia and the Russian North);
  • The role of the borders and bordering of the literary space of a region;
  • The use of literary geography in literary museums;
  • International literary geography: the features of literary geography in Europe, America and Russia-stages of the development of literary landscapes and literary landscape classification;
  • The method of literary mapping and its application in the XX and XXI centuries;
  • The use of literary animation through theatrelization in literary museums;
  • Literary geography of the post-soviet space.

Another project I am working on (a project that is financed by the Russian Geographical Society) is the creation of an atlas-handbook of the lost toponymy of post-soviet space.

Hobbies and fun facts

One of my hobbies is travelling to literary places, reading books that describe the place I am visiting and taking photographs of literary places all around the world.

When I was a teenager my family and I traveled from the West Coast to the East Coast of America and back by car, visiting the greatest US National Parks, as well as literary and historical places. Maybe that’s where my love for nature comes from.

I love gardening and landscape design and I am collecting plants of different natural areas and landscapes in my garden.

I have a dachshund dog (Harry) who always travels with me during my trip in Russia, so he has already visited many literary museums and will surely become the first dog who composed a literary map (just kidding!).

Recent publications

Morozova, M.M., Kalutskov, V.N. (2019). Oryol Literary Region and the Processes of Its Development.MSU Vestnik. Series 19. Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication, pp. 131 – 142. (In Russian)

Morozova, M.M. (2018). Literary Maps of USA. Pskov Literary Journal, № 2, pp. 117 – 132 (In Russian)

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