Postgraduate matters

Hello, my name is Alex Tan and I am the new postgraduate representative for the Social and Cultural Geography Research group for the RGS/IBG.

My current research concerns the experiences of young British Chinese people, with a view to understanding various beings and becomings. My research is critical of current youth transitions approaches which may be grounded in linear or phasal models; in themselves these models are either too rigid or do not account for variation, informed in particular by culture. British Chinese young people are one example of a group not well served by current transitions research or within Human Geography itself.

As part of my position I would be very interested to hear from postgraduates about either the role of the research group itself, how postgrads make use of it and would like to in future.

I also would like to hear about your ideas for the future of social and cultural geography itself. Perhaps there are some key authors or ideas you have found whilst doing your research. Perhaps you feel some are outdated and can suggest more relevant ones as you see it.

In the future we are planning a postgraduate conference and gathering some of your views as above might be helpful in planning this and getting some initial ideas on contributions.

Please get in touch with me at and mark the email heading with ‘social and cultural geography postgraduates’.

Many thanks.